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During flight, the weight, the centre of gravity, the inertia and the aerodynamic coefficient, etc. of the aircraft will change by flight time, which has an impact on the dynamic characteristics of the aircraft. So in the simulator, data changes also need to be simulated. 

A serial interpolation calculation methods are embedded into the model building module, you can calculate the weight, the centre of gravity, the inertia and the aerodynamic coefficient of each data point according to the configurations of different maneuvers and output by user- defined format.


You can view if the data is in the reasonable range or not, cross-contrast the related data curve and check up the data tolerance to validate data, etc. Combining with the different characteristic of the maneuvers, you can use data model and relevant prediction algorithm to finish the prediction processing, data validity review and data status assessment, etc. to evaluate the validity of the current data and get the high quality data.


According to the assessment, combining with the specific attribute of maneuvers and different parameters, engineers can choose relevant parameters to adjust and get the more accurate aerodynamic model by continuous iteration and adjustment. It can get a relevant coefficient comparison table through curve analysis and calculation of document, the closer the value is to 1, the higher the correlation. Once adjusting the parameter, the comparison table is updated, which can be used as an assistant method to analyze the correctness of model modification.


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